Roger Subirana Mata's 5 Tips for Artist Exposure

Published on October 28 2010

Jamendo artist Roger Subirana Mata knows how to gain exposure. On jamendo, Roger has had well over 600,000 listens of his music and has had hundreds of reviews written about his albums – not to mention the fact that he's had his various tracks licensed over 300 times through jamendo PRO. Roger has agreed to share his top tips for gaining exposure, so read on and learn how increase your success as an artist on jamendo.


"I've been on jamendo since February 2008. In the past, I had my first works published by record labels and distributors on a commercial basis. Since I've been on jamendo PRO, my music has crossed borders. Although it may seem a contradiction, having music licensed under Creative Commons has made my music more marketable, commercial and known than when it was within the normal business cycle consisting of record labels, distributors, and controlled by corporations that manage author rights, like the SGAE (in Spain). For example, one of my most popular albums, Point of No Return, has had 374,500 listens and 24,000 downloads since 2008. Thanks to jamendo, the contact between the musician and his audience is direct. In this way, everyone wins."

My 5 Tips:


  1. Believe in what you do.
    The most important thing is the music and your own opinion. You really love music and it is paramount to you. You need to compose or play to feel free. So believe in what you do and put your full effort into it so that the end result is high quality. Whether you have commercial success or not, your music will be the same, so the main thing is that you fulfill yourself.
  2. Start to move the ball.
    The best promotion is the “mouth-ear,” so use all the tools you have at your fingertips (website, forums, social networks, etc.) to get the ball rolling. If your music is quality and is engaging enough to audiences, you will soon see your increased visibility in the network.
  3. Keep the attention of your listeners.
    Normally, making a CD can take an average of one to three years. During this time, you must be sure not disappear from the map of the world. Keep your audience constantly informed of what you're doing, whether it's concerts, albums, projects, collaborations, etc.
  4. Try to be different.
    Almost everything is made and invented. Try searching for things that differ from everything else. A consistent graphic design. A unique musical style (a mixture of styles and sounds is always something innovative.) In my case, and although it is not something particularly unique, I use one of my special features which is the use of phonetic letters in my songs. Hence, I like to say that my style is instrumental and phonetic music.
  5. Patience.
    Enjoy the process of creation and do not set your goal as the final outcome. Many people, including myself, are too impatient. Doing things faster does not help. We must be convinced of everything we do from the start. It should not make us feel bad to clear, delete or save many of the things that we have started if we are not convinced of them. If you get to enjoy the every day and if you have a good mood during the creation process without thinking about the time you spend, then surely the end result will be perfect.


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