Jamendo Artist Burly Puts the Fans In Charge

Published on November 18 2010

There is no doubt that over the past decade, the distance between artists and fans has shrunk. Websites like jamendo and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have connected fans with the musicians that they love and given them easy access to their music and their lives. Well, singer-songwriter Burly has decided to take it one step further and close the gap completely by putting his fans in control!


Worthy from Burly on Vimeo.


Through his Facebook page, Burly lets his fans determine when his music is released by basing it on the number of fans his profile has. At the moment, he has only one short song posted, but once he reaches 1,000 fans, he'll release another track. After he gains 2,000 fans, he'll release a third song and so it continues. This cool concept rewards fans for spreading the word about his music by giving them access to more and more music that they'll love – tracks that will be available for download, by the way, on jamendo.com! Burly takes it a step further than just having his fans determine the release of his songs; he also lets his fans submit t-shirt designs to be featured in the online store on his website. On top of that, the site also has a section where you can post song ideas for future tracks. Pretty cool idea, huh? Check out Burly's Facebook page (facebook.com/helloburly), listen to his first track “Worthy,” become a fan and spread the word! Then visit jamendo.com to download the tracks from this talented artist.

Written by marc

Published on #Help the artists!