Ten Questions with Moon & Sun

Published on November 29 2010

One of jamendo's newest artists is singer-songwriter Moon & Sun. Hailing from Sweden, Moon & Sun is a lovely musical contradiction. Her music is both sweet yet gloomy and many of her tracks are both soft yet percussion driven. Although her music may be tough to pinpoint, her talent is obvious. Read on to learn more about this Scandinavian artist and be sure to listen to her new album, The Wild Things.


Moon & Sun performing


10 Questions with Moon & Sun


  1. Your new album, The Wild Things, was just released a couple weeks ago. Congratulations! How did writing and recording your album in Curacao, Sweden and Amsterdam influence your work? What brought you to such diverse places?
    Thank you!
    Writing and recording in these places is the whole foundation of the record. It is the source of the material, the stories. Without it, it would be something else.
    I went to Curacao the first time in 2009 because of an artist residency at Instituto Buena Bista (IBB) together with my boyfriend; the next year they invited us again (and we’re going back once again in spring 2011).
    A good friend of mine lives in the village Karleby, Sweden, and has a vegetable farm there. I needed to get away; there was an empty cottage, so I could work a bit on the farm, spend time on my own in the cottage and make music.
    Finally, Amsterdam is where I have my atelier/studio and here I continued what I started on Curacao and Sweden together with my co-producer Staffan Björk.


  2. In addition to being a singer/songwriter, you are also a visual artist. Tell us a bit about your background as an artist.
    I came to Holland to study at the Rietveld Academy. That was 2002. I graduated in 2005 and since then I’ve been working as an artist. Moon & Sun is a continuation you could say from a visual world to a sonic world. For me it is not two different things, they are existing together, enriching each other.


  3. How do you describe your music?


  4. Tell us about your songwriting process and where you look for inspiration.
    The process is different from time to time, I don’t have a ‘recipe’ that I follow. Sometimes it starts with a beat or a few chords on a guitar and sometimes it starts with a melody. For this record, I had more melodies that sort of ‘grew’ in my head. I wanted the songs to have a strong sense of melody; if you peel off everything else, the song would still be there and you would get it, like a folk song maybe.
    I mostly find inspiration from my surroundings. That’s why the places I’ve been to play a crucial part; they feed me stories both in a sonic and literal way.


  5. What do you like to do when you're not writing, recording or performing your music?
    Cook or eat (I love food), daydream, make art, drink beer with my friends, go to concerts and exhibitions


  6. What are your top 3 favorite songs of all time?
    Oooh, I couldn’t say, it’s to unfair to all the good songs to choose and number them.
    I can tell you what I’ve been listening to lately instead; How to Dress Well, Luva, Always Something from the Alan Lomax collection, Michael Yonkers (especially the song ‘Will It Be’!), Karen Dalton and Riskay


  7. Tell us about your childhood in Sweden. At what age did you discover your love of music?
    There’s not so much to say…. I come from a ‘normal’ family and I had a ‘normal’ childhood, nothing exciting or extraordinary.
    I’ve always had love for music, there was never really a great experience or moment that changed my perception, maybe more like a few milestones that led me in the right direction. I started singing with my best friends step mom when I was 16. We used to go to Stockholm and perform our songs on the streets: one guitar and two vocal harmonies. When I was 18, I met Staffan Björk and he asked me to join his band - we’ve been like family since then. From then we have always played in bands or worked on audio/visual art projects together.
    I think these people helped me to see that you can make music your own way.


  8. How has your musical style evolved over the years?
    The biggest difference is that I started making my own music with Moon & Sun. I’ve played in bands before but I was never really the initiating song writer. I guess it sounds more like me now.


  9. What five words best reflect you as a person?
    You should ask someone else who know me about that! Ha ha
    I can give you two: sensitive and patient (someone else might call that stubborn!)
    My answer could be delusional or just wishful thinking, not accurate at all! No, ask someone else.


  10. What's the one thing you'd like the jamendo community to know about you?
    When I was 16 I worked with a magician who put me in a box and sawed me in 3 pieces.

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