Professor Kliq's Top 5 Tips for Artist Exposure

Published on December 2 2010

This month, electronic artist Professor Kliq shares with you his best tips for increasing exposure on jamendo. Professor Kliq is a top-selling artist on jamendo PRO and has seen his fan-base grow dramatically in the three years since he joined jamendo.  Read on to find out what he believes contributed to his success and use his tips to gain exposure yourself as a jamendo artist!


professor kliq


Jamendo has been the backbone of my success in my music career so far... if there's one thing I tell people about Creative Commons and technology today and the way it has impacted society, culture, and thusly the music industry, it's that you never know WHOSE hands your music will end up in if it's free and on the internet. There is definitely a sense of community in the CC world and that has shown with the support of my fans - a number which grows every day thanks to Jamendo and the doctrine of the CC license. If I could give any advice to anyone just starting their presence on Jamendo, it would be this:


  1. Space your releases and make sure they're of a reasonable length. Don't just upload a single track every time you finish something... people who enjoy your work want to be able to put it on and listen to it for a while, not have to hunt and peck through your slew of single releases and make a playlist. Also, when you create an "album", you have control over the structure of the entire thing... track selection is as musically relevant as the music itself and people respect that.
  2. Be patient. Like anything, it takes time to garner a following... I've been on Jamendo since 2007, so it's taken a while to get as many listens as I have, but the right people heard it and the listens have grown almost exponentially since.
  3. Participate in the community... go through and find some other works that you like. It's a great help to see what other artists like yourself are up to across the globe. You'll end up making friends this way and networking is key when your music is on the internet.
  4. Keep track of where your music is used - every use is another piece of your portfolio as a musician.
  5. Keep in touch with the people who use your music... you never know when they're going to need you again and if you're on a personal level, you'd be surprised where it can take you in your career.

Written by marc

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