Julandrew Give Their Top Tips

Published on January 20 2011

This month, jamendo artist Julandrew share their top tips for artist exposure. This American indie-pop duo have had almost 330,000 listens on jamendo since posting their first album in 2008. Read on to learn what has helped their fan base continuously grow..



We have been on Jamendo member since May 23, 2008. When we first joined Jamendo, we had no fans, not one. Since then and all because of Jamendo and Creative Commons, we estimate that we have thousands of fans from all over the world. But how can you really know? We only know about the people who have written to us or have become Julandrew fans on Facebook.

When we first joined Jamendo, we were just looking for a place to upload our first few songs we wrote and recorded together (Julie's first songs ever).  We too were a little bit hesitant to put our music under the Creative Commons license, mainly because we had never heard of it.  But after some reading and research, we thought CC was a brilliant idea.  We really didn't know about Jamendo PRO either, until Patrick Haour, former Chief of Music at Jamendo, approached us with offers to license our songs.  Those offers started out few and far between.

But now, 2 1/2 years later, we get a few license deals pretty much every day, and additionally a few donations once in a while.  I can't tell you how many times the extra money has help us out.  Now that we understand the Creative Commons license and have seen it work very well, it would be very difficult to convince us to license the old way.  We are convinced that CC and Jamendo is all of the reason we have incredible global exposure.  With CC our songs can freely travel on their own, guilt-free for everyone to enjoy and share, without feeling like you're breaking the law.  It amazes me that ordinary people appreciate CC as much as they do.  We sometimes get emails from our fans telling us how cool it is that we give our music away for free.

To us, we're just reacting to the times we live in.  The traditional music industry model is archaic and dying fast.  We knew that if we required everyone to pay for our music, we would definitely not have as much exposure and as many fans as we do today.


Top 5 Tips for Artist Exposure

  1. Always write back to your fans who write you, and thank everyone who gives donations.  I see Jamendo recently gives us the ability to click on the donor's name, taking you to their page so you can thank them.
  2. Search the internet regularly for the uses of your music, and thank those people, too.  We were amazed to discover so many people using our songs for all kinds of videos, amateur and professional... and crediting us, respecting the Creative Commons license that way.
  3. This one is quite obvious, but keep your websites active and up to date.  If you let your site go stale, so will your popularity.  Julie actively keeps our Facebook page UTD, but we are guilty for not updating julandrew.com so much.
  4. Be #1 on Jamendo PRO and have at least 3 songs in their top 10. LOL.
  5. Do what Josh Woodward does.  Keep cranking out great songs, like a machine.

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