Featured Playlist: Pop/Rock

Published on April 11 2012

Listen to this week’s featured playlist to discover some of the amazing pop/rock that Jamendo offers!  You’ll find tracks from talented artists such as Bright Lights, Yves Klein Blue, Kristen Young and more!

Or, you can click here:  http://www.jamendo.com/en/playlist/195574

  1. "Break the Spell" by All Mankind
  2. "You Make It Easy" by Two Spot Gobi
  3. "Do It Over" by Amelie
  4. "Alone" by Kristen Young
  5. "Tripping" by Paul Lisak & After the Ice
  6. "19" by Yves Klein Blue
  7. "The Soundtrack of Our Summer" by The League
  8. "Get Out of My Mind" by Singleton
  9. "The Sorry Song" by Gidgets Ga Ga
  10. "Sunday Walk" by Victoria Caffe
  11. "Bliss" by Bright Lights

Written by nicole

Published on #Features