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Published on June 16 2011

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Next week we are kicking off the first ever Jamendo Awards! We want to find out who you, the community, considers the best Jamendo artists in the following categories: electronic, experimental, instrumental, pop, rock, urban and world. The winners of each category will win $500 USD!


The nomination period will run from June 20 through July 10th. You can nominate once per day per category, so keep coming back to support your favorite artists! On July 11th, the final voting period will begin. The top five artists from each category who have received the most nominations will move on to this voting round. Each member will only be able to vote one time per category. The voting period will end on July 15th and the winners will be announced shortly thereafter!


Artists: Spread the word and encourage your fans to nominate you! Be sure to use the Jamendo Awards widgets, which will be available the first day of the contest.

Written by nicole

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