Jamendo Has A New Look!

Published on April 24 2012



Jamendo has launched a brand new version of its website, www.jamendo.com.

The goal of this evolution is to provide a more user-friendly, simple website to allow users to discover, listen and download thousands of tracks without limitations. Among the new features are new charts, new featured artist selections, 10 new themed radio stations, a brand new search engine and a completely updated music player. Users can browse Jamendo and recommend favorite songs to friends, all while continuing to enjoy uninterrupted music.

For several years, Jamendo has been the #1 platform for free music. It is the only site offering more than 350,000 free tracks licensed under Creative Commons, all available for streaming and unlimited download without ads. It allows the public to discover thousands of artists of all genres who have chosen to distribute their music independently outside the traditional system of collecting societies.

Jamendo artists can choose to join the Jamendo PRO service that allows them to sell commercial licenses of their music for professional uses, such as music synchronization for audio-visual productions or broadcasting in public spaces.

Today, Jamendo has more than 12,000 customers worldwide and regularly generates revenue for hundreds of artists by sharing licensing fees 50/50.

In 2011, Jamendo has redistributed several hundred thousands of euros to its artists, thus validating its innovative model in the new ecosystem of digital music.

Following this initial launch of the new site, Jamendo plans to unveil many new features in the coming months.


What's new?

  • The simple new design will make it easier to navigate
  • You'll find more accurate results when searching for new music
  • The site runs faster than ever before
  • You'll enjoy an enhanced HTML5 player with playlist/last played features
  • Your donations will go immediately and directly to the artists with no wait time
  • Artists can upload single tracks without having to create a new album
  • There are more sharing features to help spread your favorite songs
  • Listen to ten all new Jamendo radio channels to help you discover fantastic music
  • You can still benefit from unlimited uploads for artists, unlimited downloads for users and no ads!


Enjoy the new site and let us know what you think!



Written by martin

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