Supercomputer : Fresh Dubstep from Spain

Published on October 29 2013

Supercomputer : Fresh Dubstep from Spain

Heavy beats with mesmerizing "wow" sound effects, that's the sweet musical cocktail of Supercomputer, a dubstep project from Spain. Its creator, Xevi Collado accepted to tell us a little more about his influences, sources of inspiration and music making process.


Xevi Collado's influences are wide : The energy of Skrillex, Steve Aoki and Deadmau5, the melodies of The Postal Service, Madeon, Daft Punk or Atoms for Peace, and the Rock of Muse, Radiohead, Alt-J, and Biffy Clyro (being a rock musician himself). In his albums, the artist tried to combinate energetic verses with a melodic chorus. His music is quite melancholic but energetic with a little brushtrokes of dream pop since his inspiration comes from human emotions like sadness, joy, anger, pain and the strange mix that they compose when brought together.








Supercomputer was born because he wanted to explore the relationship humans have with machines. After many hours spent searching for information about artificial intelligence, Xevi Collado found something about the apocalypse caused by robots. In this long text, he saw the word "Supercomputer" and said "That's what I want".

He mixed, mastered and produced in his studio. Being a member of two Rock bands, it was the first time he dared to do something electronic. Electronic and rock are not his only music styles, the artist's imagination has no boundaries.


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