Introducing Jamendo 2.0 app for iOS !

Published on November 6 2013

Introducing Jamendo 2.0 app for iOS !



The Jamendo iPhone application allows free access to more than 400,000 songs from our catalog - all published under Creative Commons licenses. With our selections, you can always listen to albums, songs and the most popular artists. A search function allows you to easily find the artist, title or album you want to hear.



Ten Jamendo radio stations are also available from any iPhone or iPad, and feature genres such as Lounge, Rock, Electro, Hip Hop, World, Jazz, Classical, Pop, Best of Jamendo, and Singer/Songwriter. Registered members can login via the web or mobile and always find their favorite artists and albums showing their username. The application is available for free !





What's new?

- New radio channels
- New user interface
- possibility to download tracks
- Connect your account to retrieve your favorites and bookmarked songs!



What are you waiting for? Get it now for free on the App Store ! 



Written by The Jamendo Team

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