Misteur Valaire: the gang is on Jamendo!

Published on December 13 2013




Sherbrooke, Québec. Five friends. A jazz background. A unique cocktail of unexpected electronic sounds mixed with disco accents and hip hop beats... Misteur Valaire has been gathering crowds online and on stage since 2004 : with nearly 35 000 fans on Facebook and 8K+ Twitter followers, and a big tour including an incredible performance in front of more than 100,000 people at Montreal Jazz Festival, the canadian band has been widely acclaimed by the public and the critic for their singularity of sounds and their high level of originality. French magazine Les Inrocks wrote that its members are "ready to conquer the world stages" and we couldn't agree more. The band was already nominated and awarded at the Independent Music Awards, ADISQ, Juno and GAMIQ. 


  Christmas has come early this year! After three successful albums (Brian (2005), Friterday Night (2007) and Golden Bombay (2010)), the band is now releasing their fourth album on Jamendo through an exclusive Creative Commons version available for free legal download ! This opus, entitled "Bellevue", is defined by the band as a "journey through space and time, a kind of funky party between 1930 and 2090, from Québec to Hawai, a night at the opera mixed with a rap battle and a fishing trip". Misteur Valaire showcases great creativity and mastery of electronic sounds, uses vocals as a instrument and never ceases to impress to create a memorable moment of jazzy electro-rock madness !



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Written by The Jamendo Team

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