Sueño de Dahlia : "Good Songs Promote Themselves"

Published on December 6 2013

Sueño de Dahlia : "Good Songs Promote Themselves"


1. Could you tell us a little more about your debut as a band (any fun anecdotes about your debut)?

We began to write music back in 2009 without a singer. It was not until 2010 that we met our lead singer Jose Nieves. About a month later we played a gig at a famous festival in our hometown. The manager of the event let us play for an hour and we only had 8 songs at that time. It was really challenging but we enjoyed our first show. It was at that moment when we realized that we want to do this for the rest of our lives

2. For our readers who have never heard it, how would you describe your music?

When we make music we don’t follow a specific style or plan to how we want the song to sounds like. We describe our music on how our feelings should sounds like. Our style could be described as a combination style of bands like Yellowcard, Armor for Sleep, Blink 182, Angels And Airwaves, but with a Spanish taste.

3. If I borrowed your ipod right now, what artists would I find in the recently played list?

You would find artists such: Blink 182, Coheed And Cambria, Armor For Sleep, jimmy Eat World, John Mayer, 30 Second To Mars, U2, Angels And Airwaves, King Of Leon, Wagner, Alexisonfire, Emery, Relient K, At The Drive in


Sueño de Dahlia : "Good Songs Promote Themselves"


4. You just released your album on Jamendo. What stories and messages are you trying to convey through it?

We want the people to feels the lyrics were written for them, or for something that happened to them in their lives. You can find songs about how to move on with feelings that get stocked to someone that is not meant to be with you.

5. What would be your best advice on how to compose a song and what’s your favorite part of the songwriting process?

The process of making music is a very personal thing. Everybody has a different way of doing it. What it’s important is to try to do it the honest way possible. Stay away from radio length rules, or anything like that, good songs promote themselves. But I can tell you how it works best for me, first of all start with making the music. When you have the music then you can sit back and listen the song as many times as you can, and then the lyrics will come out, you don’t have to force it, if you force it you can’t get what you want. For me the best part of the songwriting process is when I’m starting to write the lyrics because I have the whole music without a message. Starting to express myself through the song.

Sueño de Dahlia : "Good Songs Promote Themselves"Sueño de Dahlia : "Good Songs Promote Themselves"


6. What’s your favorite song to belt out in your car/shower/bedroom, at the bar or for karaoke?

There is a song called “Entre Tu y Yo” on our new album. We have gained a lot of fans outside of our country because of this song. We love to perform it live and to see the crowd singing along with us. It is amazing to see people from Brazil, Peru, Chile, asking us to come to their country so they can hear the song live.

7. What are the best memories you keep from these performances?

We love to see when people shout out names of our songs they want to us to perform. We also love when the crowd is jumping and singing along with our songs that we created months ago and we never thought people would ever listed to them.


8. What was the craziest experience you lived as a band?

We were chosen to play in the biggest arena in our country, we drove 3 hours to get there and even paid for the hotel room, and when we got there the show was cancelled due to bad weather. Two weeks later we played there, and it was one of the best experiences we had as a band.


Sueño de Dahlia : "Good Songs Promote Themselves"Sueño de Dahlia : "Good Songs Promote Themselves"


9. You chose to share your music for free under Creative Commons licenses on Jamendo. Why did you make this decision?

We are a 100% Independent band, we booked our own shows, we have recorded two albums in our home studio; we arrange, mix, mastered, and publish our songs on Jamendo. We do what a record label should do, and even more. We do Everything by ourselves. The main goal of the band is to reach as many people as possible around the world. We want people to personally relate to our songs. That is why we chose Creative Commons licenses on Jamendo.

10. Do you have a fun anecdote that your fans don’t know about and would be surprised to hear?

One of the first beats the drummer learned to played was ‘Eye of The Tiger” due to the movie “Rocky lll”.



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