JEKK - "All my songs were made in one day"

Published on January 10 2014

JEKK - "All my songs were made in one day"

1. Could you tell us a little more about your debut as an artist ?


I’m not a product so I don’t really have a debut, I just know that I’ll have a end, just like everyone. One day I found an abandoned guitar in the street. I knew how to play the piano but not the guitar. This guitar had only 4 strings instead of 6 but I started to compose like that : Youtube didn’t exist at that time. I had no choice than to learn on my own. I think that everything started this day. Since, my music is just inspiration and breathing, a weird expression of my soul.


2. For our readers who have never heard it, how would you describe your music?


I am fully convinced that music can be a dangerous weapon, the mix between vibes and lyrics can change a life or a world, in a good or in a bad way. Some people use music to make money, others ones use it to touch hearts. My music can be as light as wind in the ears and as loud as a dancing elephant. It can be delightful or can put you in the same position that the guilt of love and laziness. I live in Paris and English is my weakness, so I prefer to use words that sound like music, those who stay in your mind in a positive way. I want to see people dancing and thinking at the same time. If we need to escape or are looking for an introspection; my music is a mix of these two.


3. If I borrowed your iPod right now, what artists would I find in the recently played list? Are these your main inspirations?


I don’t have iPod but I listen to music when I travel. Artists like Michael Jackson, Daft Punk, Aloe Black, Ray Charles, Stromae are like geniuses to me, their music cannot leave my veins, it's nearly unforgettable. However, I do not find inspiration in music, I find it in people, and the best music ever is the sound of nature, winds, beaches, birds and heartbeats.


JEKK - "All my songs were made in one day"


4. You just released your album One Day on Jamendo. What are its main themes and what's the story behind it ?


When you are reading a book, you see some shapes and lights, and you feel something quite unique that only you can feel. When I write a song, I try to tell a story through it that I'm the only one to understand but that people can interpret in thousands of ways. I don’t want to influence people : the meaning comes from our mind, and the colours, from our heart.


5. Did you ever perform in public? If yes, what are the best memories you keep from these performances?


My first performance was for a charity event to help children in Burkina Faso (Africa). I wasn’t such a good performer at first, but the audience was incredible, they were singing along and it brought tears to my eyes.


6. What was the craziest experience you lived as an artist?


It was definitely the first day I played in the Parisian subway. I could see smiles on people's face which was such a rare thing in the subway !


7. What is your songwriting process? Any particular method?


It’s my own little secret. Music is like magic and musicians are like illusionists. I can only reveal one thing: most of our songs are made in one day, that's why my first album is entitled like this. I don’t really "think", I feel.


8. You chose to share your music for free under Creative Commons licenses on Jamendo. Why did you make this decision?


I chose to share my music on Jamendo because I trust the platform and that it was about time I shared it with people instead of keeping it for myself. Money is not my first preoccupation.


9. Do you have a fun anecdote that your fans don’t know about and would be surprised to hear?


I am a member of Anonymous, fighting for justice, but don’t shout it on every roofs.










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