ProleteR - "A producer is supposed to be curious by nature"

Published on January 31 2014

ProleteR - "A producer is supposed to be curious by nature"


1. Could you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit more about your debut as an artist ?


I started making music when I was very young, around 9, I was playing on my father's old drums but at that time (in the early '90s), I listened to Rock and was a fan of guitar heroes  like Slash. My parents got so annoyed that they ended up buying me my first electric guitar. From this moment on, I began obsessed with music, I carried my guitar everywhere, I played every time. I learned how to play guitar by myself, played in several bands and often performed in public. I was around 21 or 22 when I started to get into music production and thought about making a different kind of music. I bought a sampler (Yamaha rs 7000) and also learned by myself. At that time, I had created some compositions with friends of mine from Strasbourg University. There was no sampling, just basic compositions.



2. What kind of artists do you usually listen to? Are they a source of inspiration for you?

I am a very good client as a listener, what I mean is that I'm a huge music lover and I don't have any prejudices about genres, I get my music from each one of them. I think that I have quite a good musical culture, rock, electronic music, hip hop, reggae, soul, jazz... I get my inspiration from all of these, I think a producer is supposed to be curious by nature and has to act as a "sponge" by absorbing a whole range of influences, textures and sonorities from various elements that will later turn into new ideas. This is the reason why I cannot make a list of my influences since it would be two pages long. I, however, truly admire the careers of Danger Mouse, Marc Ronson, Quincy Jones, Rick Rubin, Pharell, 20syl, for example, because they are not only beatmakers, they have a wide vision of music with no borders. I would love to have the same kind of career.


ProleteR - "A producer is supposed to be curious by nature"ProleteR - "A producer is supposed to be curious by nature"ProleteR - "A producer is supposed to be curious by nature"


3. Are you planning on becoming a full time artist?


Life has been crazy around here lately, and I just quit my job to become a full-time artist. I feel lucky, I can live thanks to my music, while doing what I like the most. After having worked for a long time in a factory, I am now fully enjoying this change in my life. I am fully aware that living from my passion is a privilege, whatever the amount of time it will last for, I live my life day by day and it's an incredible experience.


4. What kind of machines / softwares do you use in order to make music?


Today, I mainly produce music on a mpc 1000 and I add synthesizers, pianos, guitars with FL studio or Cubase through a midi keyboard. I also have a "maschine" of native instruments with which I've almost produced my whole second album. Every depends on the sound I am aiming to reach, when I want to have "garage" influences, I use the mpc.


5. You use the sampling technique, do you think it might be a problem for you in the future?


In fact, it's already a problem since it is very hard to license this kind of music for example. I missed several contracts for music synchronization because of that. It requires a lot of money, so that's the reason why I chose to give away my music for free.


ProleteR - "A producer is supposed to be curious by nature"ProleteR - "A producer is supposed to be curious by nature"ProleteR - "A producer is supposed to be curious by nature"


6. What are the best memories you keep from your live performances and your fans ?


I went to Athens, Greece, to perform during last summer and it was the first time I went abroad to perform. Being right in front of the Acropolis, seeing a room packed with people whose language you can't even understand and who are so happy to be here is an extraordinary feeling.


7.  What’s your favorite song to belt out  in your car/shower/bedroom, at the bar or for karaoke?


It would be "Isn't She Lovely" by Stevie Wonder.


8.  You chose to share your music for free under Creative Commons licenses on Jamendo. Why did you make this decision?


It's a logical choice when you produce music based on other people's music. I recycle songs while adding my personal touch to it. It's my own way to conceive music and it's probably the only realistic way to do so, with Internet. I am pretty angry at the disc industry for the money it stole from me when I was a teen. I think compact discs are too expensive, I prefer letting people decide of the value of my music.


ProleteR - "A producer is supposed to be curious by nature"


9. Do you have a fun anecdote that your fans don’t know about and would be surprised to hear?


I performed in Toulouse a while ago, in my hometown, and a guy came to me after the concert and told me that it's an american tourist from Chicago who told him about me, convinced that he already knew my music. What a paradox ! It's an american guy who made a guy from my hometown discover my music.


10. Anything to add?


Thank you to all the people who support me as an artist, I am currently working on my third album and a collaboration. I can't wait to meet you during my next performances !









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