Azwel + Julian - "We make music virtually"

Published on February 14 2014

Azwel + Julian - "We make music virtually"


1. Could you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit more about your debut as an artist ?


Jason: I have been making music solo since the late 90's and hooked up with Julian through the internet. We did a couple of songs at first, and then decided to do a full length LP years later.
Julian: Me too !

2. What's the story behind your new album and what messages are you trying to convey through it?


Jason: A lot of the songs on this LP are about interpersonal relationships between all sorts of people. I do a lot of wordplay usually, but on this album I wanted the lyrics to be more straightforward. Some almost tell a story and I think that was a direct reaction of hearing the backing tracks Julian originally sent me. I felt we could definitely go in a more pop direction for this album. We kept the weirder stuff for the sides.



Azwel + Julian - "We make music virtually"


3. What kind of artists do you usually listen to? Are they a source of inspiration for you?


Jason: I listen to a lot of pop from overseas. I am from New York, but it seems almost everything I listen to is either from England, Scotland, Sweden, Wales, Ireland. I do like a fair share of American artists though, its just, a bulk of what a listen to is mostly from overseas. I always found that weird. Its not like its an intentional thing, its more coincidental. I like all sorts of pop music, some is instrumental. As long as there's a good melody and chord change in there, I like it. Styles don't matter to me. I'd like a rap song too, if it were well written, unfortunately there's not a lot of those out there. I'm never ashamed at anything I listen to. If someone as annoying as Justin Bieber put out something that was actually good, I don't care, I'd listen to it. haha.


Julián: I agree with Jason. I don't have prejudices concerning genres, but I have my preferences : Pet Shop Boys, the electronic pop of the '80s, Giorgio Moroder, Kraftwerk, and disco music in general !

4. Where does your inspiration come from?


Jason: Music, visuals, movies, situations...


Azwel + Julian - "We make music virtually"


 5. Have you ever performed in public? What are the best memories you keep from your performances and your fans?


Jason: I am in a couple bands at the moment. I've never had a band for my solo music though.   My best memories are when fans are listening and dancing to the music. That's why I also do a couple cover bands.  Those seem to make more money too.

Julián: As "Julián Murias", I played several times in Buenos Aires, Argentina, between 2001 and 2012. Almost everytime I did it with background visuals, changing them a little from one performance to another.



 6.  You chose to share your music for free under Creative Commons licenses on Jamendo. Why did you make this decision?

Jason: For us now, its all about generating an interest in the songs.  We could be making money, but really, what is a thousand dollars or less really? I can make that at work within a month. Why not just make it easily accessible, which will in return give us a chance at receiving some attention.


7. Anything to add?


We are Jason Perrillo (USA), known as "Azwel" y Julián Murias (ARG), we virtually compose together our new album, Beggining. We are happy to publish it on Jamendo, we trust this platform.





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