Peter Pumberger : "I once got a love letter from a fan"

Published on February 7 2014

Peter Pumberger : "I once got a love letter from a fan"


1. Could you introduce yourself and tell us where your artist name comes from and a little bit more about your debut as an artist (any fun anecdotes? We love anecdotes)?
Hi! I am Peter, a 21-year-old medical student from Salzburg, Austria. When I started my solo career, I didn’t really think of a special name. I just wanted to record my music for myself, so I didn’t bother with that and used my real name – Peter Pumberger. My career as an artist began playing the guitar and singing in a band in high shool called ”Peanut Butter Jelly Toast“. After over 5 years that included one album, a music video, dozens of concerts and much more, we broke up and with that I stopped making music for 2 years. During that time I moved to Vienna to start medschool, and with it a whole new life. After some really stressful life events, I found my way back to music, grabbed my beloved guitar and just played. I always had the wish to record songs on my own, where I can be myself while playing all the instruments myself, and voilà, my EP “Meine Matrix“ is what came out.
2. What's the story behind your new EP "Meine Matrix". For those who don't speak German, what messages are you trying to convey through this EP?
Well, these songs mean a lot to me. I wrote them during a very, very hard time of my life and they just caught me. This record is about love, about getting hurt, about all the feelings from falling in love to loosing someone. It is about trying to replace someone, something. But most of all, it is about letting go, moving on and looking ahead.

Peter Pumberger : "I once got a love letter from a fan"


3. What kind of artists do you usually listen to? Are they a source of inspiration for you?

This is a difficult question. I could list hundreds of names from all kinds of different genres. I like music that electrifies me, no matter if it is hip hop, rock, or classical music. Artists like Stromae, System of A Down, or, from a composing point of view, also Mozart make me crazy; but in a good way. I feel encouraged to try out different styles. So it is possible that my next record might be hip hop or straight pop as I am working on a hip hop project at the moment. My goal is to make different records in various styles and be very versatile.

4. Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration comes and goes from time to time. I cannot just sit down and write a song. I need to have strong feelings I can put into words. That’s why my songs are about things that affect me. If something like that happens, the music simply flows.
I also listen to a lot of music to get inspired. I often see new opportunities, which I can then incorporate into songs.


Peter Pumberger : "I once got a love letter from a fan"

5. Have you ever performed in public? If yes, what are the best memories you keep from these performances and your fans (any love letter or crazy fans?)?

To be honest, I never performed in public as a solo artist but I will share my impressions from the performances with my former band. The feeling right before you enter the stage, the prickling in your hands, the excitement which is not a real nervousness but more an unbelievable anticipation, the knowledge of a crowd waiting and screaming for you; I can say, that these minutes were one of the most awesome moments in my life.
One day, I even got a love letter of a very, very lovely young girl, who was standing in the first row at all of our concerts. This was really flattering.

6. What was the craziest experience you lived as an artist?

Well, of course, getting identified on the streets. I never thought something like that could happen to me. I have to say, I enjoy it, though, and it makes me really happy to reach people with my music.
7.  What’s your favorite song to belt out  in your car/shower/bedroom, at the bar or for karaoke?

System of A Downs – ”Chop Suey!“, my all time favorite.


Peter Pumberger : "I once got a love letter from a fan"Peter Pumberger : "I once got a love letter from a fan"Peter Pumberger : "I once got a love letter from a fan"


8. You chose to share your music for free under Creative Commons licenses on Jamendo. Why did you make this decision?

Since writing and recording these songs was something I just wanted to do for myself, at first it was not important to me, if anybody would listen to my music or liked it. I waited a long time before I shared them online but now I am happy I did. My objective is not to make money with my music but to enjoy the process of making it and with that lighten up my life as well as the lives of those who like my music. I am glad that websites like Jamendo exist to share your music all over the world, without costs.


9. Do you have a fun anecdote that your fans don’t know about and would be surprised to hear?

Yes, actually there is one I can share with you. While recording the drums for my EP, olive oil played a key role. I started setting up the drums and my sound engineer built up the microphones. Then, when we started to record, he suddenly mentioned a squeezing sound when I was playing the bass drum. I was surprised because I had it serviced only a few days before. As we had just a few hours left to record the drums, I ran to a store, bought olive oil and just poured it over – worked out perfectly.

10. Anything to add?

I just want to thank you for listening to my music! I, as a little Austrian medicine student, am honored to get the chance to talk a little about myself and about what I do. Thanks, Peter.




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