“Play what you like!” - Real Illusion

Published on April 25 2014

Real Illusion's slogan is 'Play what you like!'... Well, we surely like what they play ! Discover this Italian rock band who's just released its 3rd album, W&B Streets, filled with pure energy and delicious guitar riffs. We're blown away!

“Play what you like!” - Real Illusion

Who is Real Illusion and what is the story of the band?

Real illusion was born in November 2004 with Davide Fontanel (voice and guitar), Diego Bozza (Guitar), Alessandro Mirone (Bass) and Paola Sivelli (Drums). Hey!! This year we make TEN YEARS!! Wwooooohh!!



You are a 100% rock band. What are your main influences?

We have many influences...’cause everyone listens to different genres like Foo fighters, Manic Street Preacers, Tool, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Biffy Clyro, Muse...



If we pressed play on your music player, what song would we be hearing?

Mmmmhhh....a Real Illusion’s song!! ;-)

“Play what you like!” - Real Illusion“Play what you like!” - Real Illusion

Paola, you are the only girl in the band. What is it like to deal with 3 other boys?

It’s wonderful to deal with men... They are simple and direct! After playing with girls surely I’ll never come back!



How is the work divided between each of you (lyrics, composition, recording...)?

Paola and Davide usually write the lyrics. Each song is created in the rehearsal room by everyone of us... For example, if Diego has a nice riff or chorus or some chords, we start from there. We’ve a personal studio run by Davide to record and the cd’s graphic is curated by Diego.



W&B Streets is your 3rd album. Is it different from the previous ones? Was the creative process also different?

Yes... It’s different. The recording is cleaner and the songs are easier to hear. In the previous ones, we put many riffs for each song, time changes and also more dual voices.... This album is more smooth ;-)

“Play what you like!” - Real Illusion“Play what you like!” - Real Illusion

Can you tell us more about this album? Why is it called like that, does it have a theme, a message (lyrics etc.) ?

The meaning of this album is the choice. For this reason it’s called white and black streets! Every day each of us is faced with constant decisions... It’s not true that the black street is necessary bad and the white one is necessary good... We take the one that seems right to ourselves. The cover is a picture made by Gloria DeVitis, an artist from Lecce. We met her during a trip to Puglia the last summer. We discovered that she wanted to say through her works of art the same things that we wanted to say with our music. So we combined the things!



When was the last time you've performed live? Do you any live experience or anecdotes you would like to share ?

Fortunately we play quite frequently, at least once a month.
Our slogan is “Play what you like!”

“Play what you like!” - Real Illusion“Play what you like!” - Real Illusion“Play what you like!” - Real Illusion

If you had the opportunity to choose any venue in the whole world, to give your biggest concert ever, where would it be ?

Wembley Stadium.... too much to ask??



Last question: what are your future musical plans ?

We want to continue to follow our slogan and at the moment we decided to have an experience abroad in October (in the weekend of 3, 4 and 5), precisely in the Czech Republic. Our worst problem is that we play original music sung in English in Italy, where people seem to appreciate only tribute and cover bands in addition to being a few to consider English as a second language. So, we try to play abroad and we’ll see the reactions of a new audience.
At the moment we try to compose songs with a different sound!

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