ccMixter's BIG Summer Music Fest: Universe of Music

Published on June 11 2014

ccMixter's BIG Summer Music Fest: Universe of Music

Ever wanted to take part in a big music festival? Now's your chance! Our friends at ccMixter are organising their BIG Summer Music Fest, with one goal in mind: to create a Universe of Music! A virtual and global event, where everyone will come together to create and share music with artists from everywhere in the world.

This boundless and collaborative musical melting pot spans every genre: acoustic folk, electronic dance, experimental music, hiphop, jazz, rock and so on. Each genre has its own space, its own virtual tent or stage, in which the music is gathered. It is possible to listen to the tracks created, as they are uploaded in the room! Every 2 weeks, the focus is on a specific group of genres. Here is the event calendar:


  • May 30 - June 13: songwriter, unplugged, folk, bluegrass, and country in the Pleiades Unplugged Lounge.
  • June 13 - June 27: reggae, funk, blues and jazz on the Omega Roots Stage.
  • June 27 - July 11: alternative, rock and pop/rock in the Andromeda Alternative Theatre.
  • July 11 - July 25: ambient, downtempo, groove, chill, experimental, and soundscape in the Spirograph Soundscape Room.
  • July 25 - August 8: hip-hop and triphop on the Hubble Hip-Trip Stage.
  • August 8 - August 22: house, dance, trance, dubstep, hardcore, electronic and progressive in the Deep Space Dance Tent.
  • August 23 - August 27: livestream video performances in the Pleiades Unplugged Lounge.
  • August 28 - August 30: three days of live-streaming all genres in The Galaxies Theater!

If you want to contribute, all you need to do is submit your own song (a capella or spoken word) or original sample, or your remix of any combination of the pells and samples created at You can listen to all the pells, samples and remixes that were already submitted. And if you want your creations to be included in albums (that will be distributed on Jamendo Pro, iTunes, Amazon, and more!), you can use the ccPlus upload form.

So you can take part in this one-of-a-kind event by creating music, but also sharing it via podcasts or other platforms, and curating playlists by genre (this will help create the playlist for the last 3 days of the event). And if you would like to support ccMixter for this awesome initiative, you can make a donation in the form of a voluntary ticket.


Find all the relevant information about this BIG Summer Music Fest here!