Adrián Berenguer: "People who listen to my songs have to watch a movie in their minds"

Published on October 10 2014

Adrián Berenguer: "People who listen to my songs have to watch a movie in their minds"

Spanish born compositor from Alicante, Adrián Berenguer started music at the early age of 10 playing saxophone. One thing leads to another, he became an accomplished artist crafting masterpieces in every album released. Uplifting music, voluptuous tunes, kaleidoscopic songs, theatrical tracks... whatever the terms you choose to define his creations, everybody agrees on his ability to snatch you way in a "cinematographic" world where emotions rule. The third chapter of his movie "Camino" reveals a perfect balance between violin and piano which gives us, combined with other instruments, an astonishing performance.


  • Hi Adrián! Could you introduce yourself to our reader and tell us a little bit more about your story? How did you start making music and how did you become an artist?


I am in the world of music since a very early age. When I was 10, I started to study music and play saxophone. During that times I used to write my own piano and saxophone works. Later on, when I finished my musical studies, I started several projects like “Pura Mandanga” (group in which I play saxophone nowadays) and my own personal music pieces.



  • You are an exceptional soundtrack composer, every song you make is like a live painting. Can you tell us about the story behind your music? How would you define your musical world?


Normally, some of my works have their own history within them and others, on the other hand, want to express a particular feeling or sensation. My intention is that the people who listen to my songs have to watch a movie in their minds, a movie composed by their own personal experiences. That is the reason why the majority of the people who listen my songs tell me about their sensations about them and it is surprising to realize that everyone has felt different things.


Adrián Berenguer: "People who listen to my songs have to watch a movie in their minds"
  • Camino” is your third album release. A year ago we featured your second album, “Antimateria” (2013) on our homepage, did Jamendo have any impact on your life as an artist?


The fact that Jamendo published my album on its homepage last year made thousands of people aware of my music, and they enjoyed it. I received very good reviews about my earlier work and I hope I will obtain the same effect with this new album. Several songs from my previous album have been used for a lot of audiovisual works and it has been possible with my feature on the homepage of Jamendo.



  • The violin and the piano are noticeably frequent in your creations. “Mama” and “Marina” from your last album are admirable examples. How would you define the emphasis of those instruments in particular? Is it somehow linked to your musical influences?

In my music, the piano and the violin represent sweetness and affection. These instruments are able to transmit a lot of calm and serenity. Therefore these instruments usually appear in sentimental songs. I try to express my music as sincere as possible and to avoid influences from other authors, but that is impossible nowadays. I love the music by Danny Elfman, Keith Kenniff or Thomas Newman, they are exceptional composers.



  • When listening meticulously to your songs, the listener is going through a wide range of emotions, from sadness to happiness. Could you explain us your composition process? Does your mood influence your work, do you let your emotions seep in?

My compositions have much to do with the emotions that I feel at the moment when I am writing them. If I start to write them during a nostalgic day, the song will have this nostalgic atmosphere. Normally I try to express my feelings in my songs independently of the emotion that I am feeling at that time, it does not matter if it is sadness or joy. On the other hand, the listener also feels these emotions and he tries to move them to his own everyday life.





I hope to continue doing this which is what I like the most. When I am composing I am in a different world. The problem is that nowadays it is very difficult to make a living from music, but it is what I want to do and I will fight for that. Thanks to platforms as Jamendo it seems that the dream is a bit closer. Even so, I will continue writing and working to appear more often on the homepage of Jamendo!


  • One last question: is there any artist in the world that you absolutely dream of collaborating with?


Yes of course, I would love to work with a lot of people but if I have to choose I will choose artists like Keith Kenniff in order to learn from them all the things that I have not learn yet and to be able to enjoy their art.


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