Your new Jamendo artist interface!

Published on December 12 2014

Your new Jamendo artist interface!


What can you expect from this new administration panel?


- An entirely new upload process 

We know how important the upload process is: it’s the first step towards sharing your music with the Jamendo community. Simply drag and drop your audio files, edit their info while they are processed and regroup them in albums. It’s fast and simple! 

We consider it as being absolutely important that you can provide as much information as possible about your tracks and albums, so that our listeners and licensing clients are able to easily find your music. From now on, you will have to reach a certain percentage of data completion for each track in order to be able to publish it online. 

Your new Jamendo artist interface!
  • Simpler opt-in to Licensing

As some of you might already know: Jamendo PRO is dead, say welcome to Jamendo Licensing!

Joining Jamendo Licensing is a lot more simple: accept the terms in one click, fill in your certification online and sign it electronically. That shouldn’t take more than a few minutes. Say goodbye to the manually signed certificate.

Your new Jamendo artist interface!
  • New service: "Composition"!

A potential new source of revenue for you: on-demand compositions for synchronization purposes (advertising, film, television, applications, etc.). It’s a much higher pay than our day-to-day licensing, and we’ll share with you 80% of the deal!

If you’ve missed the info, check it out here.

If you guys have any further question regarding the new music composition service, please do not hesitate to take directly contact with me as I will be in charge of this new project.

Your new Jamendo artist interface!
  • Your transactions and sales info all in one place

We’ve simplified the display of all your money-related information: your banking details, a table with your balance and pending payments, details of the licenses you have sold... it’s all on the same page now, in the "Transactions" section.

Your new Jamendo artist interface!
  • Improved notifications and statistics

You will be notified when a listener likes one of your tracks, adds it to his favorites, to a playlist or reviews your album. The statistics section has been redesigned for a better browsing experience.

  • Personal blog

If you’ve created your own Jamendo blog in the past, it will still be visible in reading mode, but you won't be able to edit it anymore. We are well aware that some of you care a lot about this feature, so we’re working on new solutions for you to share news.

  • More is coming


We have got plenty of ideas to create a highly valuable artist experience on Jamendo, so stay tuned for our future updates!

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Written by The Jamendo Team

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