Kolony: "We look at every cymbal hit, hi-hat, guitar strum, slide, you know… that’s serious shit!"

Published on January 9 2015

Kolony: "We look at every cymbal hit, hi-hat, guitar strum, slide, you know… that’s serious shit!"

Best described as melodic rock metal, Montreal outfit Kolony believes in doing things a little differently.


Boldly combining elements of old school metal, modern metal and rock, the band loves fast tempos, melodic vocals and all-around high-octane music with each track coming from the heart and reflecting the way its members think about the world.


With their first Jamendo album Sledge, heavy metal fans along with the new generation of metalheads and mainstream rock fans will all be able to find themselves quite surely!



  • Welcome to Jamendo guys! Our readers wanna know more about your band’s story. Could you introduce yourselves and tell us how you all met?

It began around 2009  when I (Max) and Antony met in a previous band near Quebec City. The band name was  ''Noisy Souls'' but we broke up a few months later. When it happened, Antony and I had a long conversation over the phone and we decided that we simply could not give up our dream so we started over again. This is when we met Reno and that was the birth of  Kolony. 

Quickly, we recorded our first album Warning and played a lot of shows around the province with different bass players. In the mean time, the band activities had moved toward Montreal. That is when we met Myk. He is a great bassist, he works hard, learns quickly, has a heavy sound so we instantly accepted him as a permanent band member.

We had changed a lot since ''Warning'' so around that time, we decided to write new songs and recorded our latest album ''Sledge''. Our sound and our style had changed drastically so we wanted people to hear it on a new record as soon as possible.


  • About the creative process behind your music: who writes the lyrics, composes, produces the music etc.? Is the work divided between the members of the band?

Yeah !  We share the creative process together.  Antony and I (Max) wrote fifteen songs in three months. Then Reno wrote the lyrics. We recorded all the songs at my home studio as a «pre-production» and we choose ten of them to create Sledge.


Kolony: "We look at every cymbal hit, hi-hat, guitar strum, slide, you know… that’s serious shit!"
  • Is Sledge your first album together as a band? 

We could say it is because ''Warning'' was more like a ''pre-band'' album but in fact, this record is great and was a real album too. We should summarize it as : ''Sledge'' is our second album but our first Kolony-defined-tone one. 


  • When you guys play together, is the music just popping out naturally or do you always go through a long writing process? 

Oh god… we are really concerned about every little detail ! We look at every cymbal hit, hi-hat, guitar strum, slide, you know… that’s serious shit ! (laughs)
The creative process is fast, we compose our songs in a few days and learn it in a few weeks, but it sometimes take a lot of work (and time) to play them live. We want to get sure, with every aspects (even our moves) that everything has been checked and is right. That’s what makes the difference between professionnals and amateurs.


Kolony: "We look at every cymbal hit, hi-hat, guitar strum, slide, you know… that’s serious shit!"
  • Your music seems to be a perfect mix between old school and modern metal, taking on heavy music like great bands such as Trivium or Bullet for My Valentine do. How did such influences affect your songwriting?

Honestly, it can become a pain in the ass (laughs) ! Everyone of us like different bands and have different influences. Sometimes our influences don't pull the same way... BUT we’re adults, intelligent and respectful so we try as much as possible to write songs everyone in the band like.

We always have great discussions about our main direction and constantly want to go in an area where no other bands have been before. I think ''Sledge'' is a great accomplishment in that way.


  • Sledge’s album cover opens our imagination to a desolate planet Earth in the future, or an unknown planet where humans choose to live. What was your idea behind that artwork? Is that somehow linked to your band name Kolony and the message you’re trying to convey?

First of all, I personnaly am an anti-capitalist for technical/logical, human and environmental reasons. This system sucks on every aspects and will kill us all if we don’t wake-up ! That’s one of the most SERIOUS issues humanity ever faced ! So yeah… Sledge is about the dream of every conscious man to see that suicide-society being aborted and people building a new society based on natural laws instead of oppression, slavery and destruction of our environment. Every song on this album talks about revolution and/or spirituality.

About the artwork, Antony had the idea of a pyramid (representing our current social organization) being destroyed by a man with a Sledgehammer. We discussed and choose that concept, we brought a lot of ideas on the table to complement the concept. Then we did a few drafts and hired a friend of mine named Alex O’Dowd who did the job very well!


Kolony: "We look at every cymbal hit, hi-hat, guitar strum, slide, you know… that’s serious shit!"
  • We know it could be a tough question but do you have a favorite tune on your album? One that really stands out from the others?

That’s a hard one, you’re right (laughs). Honestly… I think we all like every songs but maybe we could pick Echoes only because it’s the song that made our identity. It’s the first song I composed for this record and it has been kind of a revelation for us. We understood that this was the ''Kolony signature style'' we wanted to have.


  • Let’s end on a funky note: if one day, for any reason you all wake up in the future, a millenium later: how would it look like and what would your life be?

Damn… I don’t know ! This question is even harder than the previous one (laughs) ! I think it would vary a lot depending on how the society elvolved. If we are still alive and better than today, I would personnaly build a time machine to tell the truth of life to 2014 people. Actually, maybe this is what we're experiencing right now ☺


Cheers guys!


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