Anny Sky: "I just do what I like, because I have my own vision of music and I want to show it!"

Published on February 5 2015

Anny Sky: "I just do what I like, because I have my own vision of music and I want to show it!"

Ukrainian singer-songwriter Anny Sky (real name Anna Podoprigora) makes her comeback with fantastic music!

Back in 2013, we featured her track Max in TOP 10 music chart where the song gained 1st place and got 200K listens. The well known cosmetic Corean company Holika Holika featured it on their official promotion spot.

In January 2015, Anny Sky released her second album New Trend on Jamendo, a union of pop and dance which includes Anny's best songs from last years and bunch of new productions. Along with the new album, she recorded her first video clip for the song New Trend. One thing for sure: she's gonna make you dance until you collapse!

  • Hi Anny! Welcome to our Jamendo blog, we are very pleased to have you here! Could you introduce yourself to our readers and tell them a bit more about you?

Hi everyone! I want to thank Jamendo for giving me the opportunity to be part of this blog. I really appreciate the Jamendo community, who are interested in music of unsigned artists. I was born in Ukraine in the city of Kharkiv in a family of a military and a teacher. My mom put a lot of effort into my development and when I was 1.5 years old, I already knew letters and read printed text in newspapers. In different periods of my life, I went to ballet, music school, sewing courses, modern and ballroom dancing, English classes, vocal classes... My parents gave me the opportunity to choose and develop the skills that I liked, as long as my interests haven't changed (Laughs).

I wrote my first poem for a homework at school, we had to create a fable and wrote it in a verse form. Little by little, there were a lot of poems... And then there were songs. For my first three songs I made music in a special program, but then I realized that in order to get a good sound of instruments, my knowledge and this program were no longer enough... In 2010 I went to a studio and right after my first single "Max" appeared. Then in 2012 - the first album “Dai draiva” has been released and this year, from the tracks that were recorded after the first album and from new material that I accumulated, I got another album "New Trend". My interests at the moment are focused on music, photography and video.

  • You are a post graduate in Economic Theory and History of Economic Thought and yet you started a career in music. How did you get into it? Was there a particular turning point in your life?

(Took a thought) Honestly, I do not think this is the beginning of a musical career... I just do what I like, because I have my own vision of music and I want to show it. At the moment, I would call it a hobby. In human life, the most suitable and favorite work is his or her hobby. I would like my hobby to become my job.
How did I get into it? One of my relative is also interested in music and my mom told me that he records his songs in a recording studio nearby. It was shocking news for me because I thought that recording studio were only in Kiev where you can find all Ukrainian celebrities.
I took the phone and sign up to them. Then I had a few instrumentals, recorded by me, and I also took instrumental from a cover record of Britney Spears "I Love Rock'-N-Roll". When my friends listened to this cover, they did not believe it was me! (Laughs)

  • In your album New Trend, you are singing in both Russian and English. Why is it important for you to keep producing songs in Russian?

Ukrainian and Russian are my native languages. At home with my family and friends I speak Ukrainian, in the city I speak Russian. Russian is known and understood both in Ukraine and abroad. Truly saying, write and rhyme in English (if you are not a native-speaker) is difficult ... So, for me, write in Ukrainian and Russian is the easiest way (Laughs). But I want to write for English-speaking listeners also, because it is interesting for them to understand what I sing about. Therefore, my songs are written in both English and Russian.


  • We feel like you really wanna push people to move their feet and body along with your dancepop sounds, and it is working! Tell us the secret of your success.

When I was a child, many times I watched a clip, I heard a song on the radio and then I ran to buy the album of the artist. Then I listened to it and there was only one song worth it on the whole album... it made me very upset, because I thought that if one or two great songs were popular, the entire album should be so... And then I had a desire to stop the fraud of the listener and show that if the listener likes the songs of the musician, when he or she possesses the full album, it will not disappoint the listener, as I was disappointed when I was a child. I want the listener to feel energy through my tracks.

Anny Sky: "I just do what I like, because I have my own vision of music and I want to show it!"
  • What were you listening to before becoming an accomplished singer? Which songs or artists inspired you?

I did not want to answer this question, because usually after such questions the comparison begins.. And clichés like this one stay for a long time. And yet... I think you have already guessed that at the first place it is... Britney Spears! (Laughs) At my school she had a lot of fans, I brought her tapes to music lessons and the lyrics "Oops! I Did It again" were known by everyone, The music stalls were playing her album... It was something! I searched on Internet the lyrics, translated them in order to learn what she sings about. Then my desire to write in English appeared. Now I like other tracks from random artists, I am not being chocked as easy as I was before listening to the whole albums just by having heard a great song.

  • We watched your first video clip New Trend and we were astonished by how spontaneous you are. You just keep smiling no matter what, avoiding the “bombshell” cliché. What sort of message are you trying to convey? How would you describe your connection with fashion?

This clip everyone takes differently: some guys see in it his girl, who is nervous when he invites her to meet his friends and she does not know what to wear. Some girls see in it themselves when they try to find something interesting for oneself, because online shopping is very popular. Someone sees in it a shopaholic (Laughs), someone comes to the conclusion that we should not chase the brand, people need to find their own style and make their own trend. There are those who do not understand what I sing about (Laughs). I stress the fact that you need to be an individual, rather than run to the store for a pair of blue suede tie and dye boots with red buttons (Laughs).
For me, the important thing is that this clip leaves no one indifferent: people like it or not, they express their opinions, write about it in social networks, so more people know about me. This clip is a low-cost one, it is entirely my idea, I also participated in its production in order to be able to reveal and convey the main message of the song "New Trend".
My relationship with fashion exists only in the fact that I do not depend on it: I wear only what I like. If I like something, I will not rest until I buy it (Laughs). But if I do not like something, I will not wear it. In other words, it does not matter if some close was in fashion. By the way, all the things in the video that I wear, they are from my closet: something from the everyday life, something more elegant... but in this clip I am as I really am.

  • What is an ordinary day in the life for Anny Sky?

My typical day is no different from the days of others. I love to eat something tasty. In my family, my mother and grandmother cook very tasty, I also love to do it, so I do not spend a single day without cooking. When a muse comes to me, I write songs. Sometimes I take pictures and videos of my closest relatives then I sit, process and edit it, some kind of small commemorative gifts. On a weekday I'm going to cinema, at noon there are always few people and no one chew on the ear with popcorn and beer (Laughs).


  • What’s coming next for you? Any projects for the future?

I have recorded a lot of materials, which I will gradually spread and simultaneously continue to create new ones. The premiere of the song and the clip that I took and edited myself are scheduled for spring. It is hard to do it on your own. It is hard when you have no friends on television, radio, or press. It is hard to do everything by yourself. I suppose that for some people, my material does not look as a super-production, but I try to do everything by myself, as much as I can. I try and I hope that external factors will not prevent me from doing what I'm doing.


Cheers Anny!


I was glad to talk to you, thank you for your attention and ... see you next time! ;)

Yours, Anny Sky

Watch Anny's new video clip below!


       New Trend  


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