400,000 Tracks on Jamendo: the Free Music Platform Keeps Growing

Published on October 2 2013

400,000 Tracks on Jamendo: the Free Music Platform Keeps Growing

Just a few days ago, music website Jamendo.com surpassed the 400,000 tracks milestone. The catalog, entirely licensed under Creative Commons and available to legally download and stream for free, also reached 3 billion plays in 2013.

Since it kicked off at the end of 2004, Jamendo has never stopped growing and has since gathered more than 30,000 artists from 150 countries who share the idea of creating value from free music. Such a concept was very new when the site launched and has successfully proven to be compatible with today's digital trends, focusing on easy access to music and the opportunity for artists to earn money.

Artists are nurtured in a free environment that helps them thrive; the Jamendo team promotes their content (both online and offline, such as during shows and events), and they can promote themselves thanks to Jamendo's social media tools and widgets. Most importantly, Jamendo brings them consistent revenue streams through its licensing service, Jamendo PRO, which connects artists and professionals that need music for film, TV, public places, etc. This is done via a simple licensing contract directly between the client and the song's author; there are no intermediaries and artists receive a bigger share of the licensing fees at the end of the day.

Today, Jamendo keeps building relationships with clients. Sony recently announced the upcoming launch of a new music-based game called Big Fest for PS Vita, iOS and Android. In this game, players will be able to create and manage their own music festivals, choosing their roster from a list of Jamendo artists.

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