Published on July 9 2008

Every year, the Creative Young Entrepreneur Luxembourg (CYEL) awards celebrate the creativity of young entrepreneurs based in Luxembourg. After many selections, the jury shortlisted three finalists: Xavier Buck (EuroDNS), Emmanuel Vivier (Vanksen Group)...

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Published on July 8 2008

With no less than 68 albums published on Jamendo, French piano player Serge Robinson is our official record holder in terms of sheer quantity of music. Who is this guy, you ask. Ask no more, here is his story. A 40-something computer engineer living in...

Published on July 6 2008

Jamendo’s launch into the UK market started with an on-street marketing campaign at Brighton’s Great Escape Music Festival. The industry-focused event attracts more the 10,000 attendees every year. 50 Jamendo branded Punters (the 'Purple Army') were sent...

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Published on July 4 2008

Sarah is a New Zealander living in Japan. In addition to her teaching job, she started producing an online English lesson entitled The Daily English Show in April 2006. "The Daily English Show is an internet show for English students, English teachers...

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