Published on March 30 2009

The Wind Whistles are Liza and Tom from Vancouver, Canada, occasionally joined by various friends on their albums. And what comes out when all these friends make music together is indie-folk suitable for nights sitting at the campfire, relaxed but not...

Published on March 24 2009

We are pleased to announce the Opening Evening of the 5th Qwartz Awards will take place under the Niemeyer Dome on Thursday, 2 April. You might or might not know that Qwartz is an international competition open to artists and labels involved in electronic...

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Published on March 23 2009

After the UK and New Zealand, France is considering a so-called "three strikes" law to fight illegal file-sharing on the internet. Here at jamendo, we of course support free and legal music downloads, which is why we are launching a "Thanks for downloading"...

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