Published on October 18 2013

1. Could you tell us a little more about you and your debut as a band? LM means "Les Maudits" (The cursed ones). When we first started as a band, we had many problems during our concerts : Power cuts, guitar strings that broke right in the middle of a...

Published on October 15 2013

Traditional but non conventional, Akoviani’s music is beautifully complex, never disappointing and always unexpected. Inspired by world music and electronic influences, the artist creates a masterpiece out of simple life sounds. The ethnic sounds of traditional...

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Published on October 11 2013

1. When and how did you decide to become SamyO? Any fun anecdote about your debut as an artist? Well to be honest, the name started out as "Serious Sam" from a friend of mine since we always use to rap outside of school, playing hackysack. But once the...

Published on October 8 2013

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Published on October 7 2013

For those who are familiar with the Jamendo widget and frequently use it, you are in for a surprise: the Jamendo widget has been entirely reshaped to meet your greatest expectations when it comes to listening and sharing your favorite music outside of...

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