Published on November 29 2013

They are incredibly talented. Their imagination goes beyond borders and their creativity has no boundaries. They are the builders, the scenarists, the makers. Through majestic compositions, epic sonorities and elaborated orchestral lines, they bring together...

Published on November 27 2013

Look at this new homepage! Beautiful, heh? Also - and it's important! - everything that we are presenting you upfront will remain visible and accessible as time goes by and new content is shared. Enjoy fresh new music!

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Published on November 25 2013

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Published on November 21 2013

1. Could you tell us a little more about your artist name and your debut as an band ? Initially, it was our guitarist Jim who came with an idea to name our band Singleton. He is a programmer and "singleton" is the name of one of the programming patterns....

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Published on November 20 2013

2014 will be getting off to a great start with the EuroMusic Contest ! You are tired with the sempiternal, mainstream Eurovision contest? It was about time that a version was created especially for independent and digital-native artists… Meaning you!...