#CC10: Creative Commons is 10 years old!

Published on December 12 2012

#CC10: Creative Commons is 10 years old!

Creative Commons licenses have been created 10 years ago. The goal of these licenses was to make easier the distribution and the use of content in the digital world, and to offer a legal alternative to creators. Because the founders of Jamendo agreed to this idea, they decided to create Jamendo in 2005 using CC licenses.

So Jamendo is also celebrating this 10-year anniversary with a Top 10 playlist!

We looked back at these 8 years of existence for Jamendo; we have been blessed by the talent of so many artists that it’s hard to choose! They have made our catalog a very rich and diverse world of free music. Thanks to them, we were able to select popular songs created by artists from different parts of the world to create a playlist very diverse in terms of music genres. The most important was to choose artists that support and believe in Creative Commons, and all of these artists have promoted the concept for years. Here they are:





Listen to this Top 10 on Jamendo!

Jamendo has partnered with CC teams around the world for various projects revolving around #CC10:

- We are sponsoring the celebration event with CC France on December 15, 2012 at La Gaîté Lyrique in Paris. RSVP here!

- We helped CC Korea make a music app of international CC artists featuring some of your favorites! Learn more here.

- Read here Pierre Gérard's interview with Creative Commons' HQ team.

- Also, check out the playlist made for CC Spain!