El Estudiante : "I am influenced by the nobodies"

Published on August 12 2013

El Estudiante : "I am influenced by the nobodies"

1. You are “El estudiante”, The Student, why did you choose this artist name?

Is not only an artistic name, it is a way of living. When I was 15, I went to Santa Clara province. I was a dancer at the time but I always had an interest in music. There was a band playing in this city and I came to them and asked for their artist name. They answered “Estudiante” and the meaning behind it, that it was the future, the hope and that every singer who would choose this name should be true in their music.


2. How would you define your music? What are your main influences ?


My songs send a positive or sometimes negative message about love. I want to be true to myself, and real to the public, a concept than most singers nowadays seem to have lost. By telling my story through my songs, I hope the people who listen will not make the same mistakes as I did. I tend to be more influences by the “nobodies”, the singers who are not affected by commercial ideas ; Ayo from Nigeria, Cornie Braylie and Selah Sue from England, and Asa from Nigeria. The main genres which impact my music are Soul music, R&B, Hip Hop and Pop. The music in itself reflects me and tell my stories without words.

3. When did you decide to become a singer ? Any fun anecdote you would like to tell us about your experience as an artist?

My brother is a producer in a music studio. When I was 15 years , he invited me to his studio. Now that I think of it, I have the feeling that he had planned all of this. He asked me to come and sing. I had never sung in my life, but I made it through. It was a wonderful experience and it made me proud. I decided to become a singer afterwards.

4. Some people say it’s an art, other ones define it as a way to express ideas and feelings. What does “Music” mean to you?

“Tell me your favorite singer and I can tell you who you are”. Music is determinant in everything. It can make you laugh, change your mood, remember good and bad memories. It moves your heart and reflects your dreams. For me, it is just like some kind of Goddess, it is truly alive. When we look in the mirror, we can see music, it defines who we are.


Tell me your favorite singer and I will tell you who you are

El estudiante


5. You recently released your new album “Regresar” on Jamendo. Most of the songs (“Amor y amor”, “Odio cuando te vas”, “Alguien como yo” for example) talk about love. Does your album tell a special story to the listeners?

Coming back (the name of the album “Regresar”) is always difficult. There is the distance, the moments from the past. The three songs you mentionned were written for the same person but at three different moments in time. You always come back to the one you love. I prefer singing it instead of saying I love you.


6. When we listen to songs like “Entre las alas”, we can hear latino beats. What kind of instruments were used in your songs?

Most of the instruments used in the album have Oriental influences, I like the mystery from his instruments. We also used afrocuban instruments such as los batas (drums). They’re the most important part of my songs (special hip hop beats).

7. You decided to share your music for free with your fans under Creative Commons licenses. Why did you make this decision? Would you recommend it to other artists?

I think an artist should always offer at least his first album for free download. It’s a good way for people to know more about him.

8. And finally, is there anything about you that your fans would be suprised to learn ?

My songs express personal histories, they fight for love. I am always open to any collaboration or production with new artists like me.