Lukhash: "It comes straight from the heart"

Published on July 6 2015

Lukhash: "It comes straight from the heart"

Lukhash is an electronic music composer. He creates a blend of original 8bit sound, 80's and rock music. He has been on Jamendo since 2009 and will release his new album on the 10th of July – 6 years after his first album.

After thousands of listens and downloads of his songs, he’s ready to amaze us with his new compositions.


Hi LukHash, it’s great to have you on the Jamendo Blog! Most of the readers already know you, but could you tell us more about yourself?

Sure, but I have to warn you right away that it isn't terribly interesting. My journey with music commenced at the age of 4 in pre-school, and then carried on through the primary and high-school years where classical guitar was my main instrument while piano being secondary; moreover there was few additional subjects e.g. Music theory, History of Music. At the age of 19 I decided to start my own music project under the name of LukHash.
I currently create and record songs at home with a use of a single PC and various 8-but consoles & computers including Gameboys, Nintendo Entertainment Systems, Commodore 64’s & ZX Spectrum.


Your last albums were very successful on Jamendo (1 700 000 listens) and Falling Apart has been listened to more than 200.000 times and downloaded 21.000 times. How do you feel about this success?

This is indeed a great success which came absolutely unexpected at the time. I think my previous compilation Digital Memories has been even more successful, oscillating around 1 million overall listens at the moment.
The biggest surprise was to see the song ‘Stand Alone’ topping the Jamendo chart for a number of weeks, especially just before the album went live, that particular song was meant to be dropped off it. I didn’t realise until then, how wise a decision it was to keep it on the track list. I think this was a key element of the entire album being so successful which ultimately resulted in many new listeners and most devoted fans that follow my music to this day.


Lukhash: "It comes straight from the heart"
                     Commodore 64
Commodore 64

You have created a really specific style, with a lot of 8bit and electronic sounds. Where does your inspiration come from?

We would have to go back into the 80’s when my dad brought home an old 8-bit Commodore 64 which was my first personal computer. As a kid I used to listen to the music from various games and shortly after, it became my favorite genre along mainstream 80’s hits. I also remember I used my one tape deck recorder to capture computer tunes, so that I could listen to it on my walkman without loading the game (which could sometimes take forever) or whenever I was on the move.
In my teenage years I was playing guitar in a band, and exploring various other genres including rock & metal. After a number of years my taste steered towards electro and eventually brought me where I’m today. I think around 2009 I decided to experiment a little bit and try to incorporate sounds from childhood into the music I was already creating.

Your next album The Other Side will be released on the 10th of July on Jamendo. Could you describe it to us?

If you enjoyed Falling Apart I think you will like this one too. There will be even more modern electronic sounds as well bleep and bloops generated by machines from the last century.
I didn’t record very many guitar tracks in comparison to my previous releases, and even when I did, these have been kept at low volume.
You can still expect a lot of catchy melodies and a lot of energy which of course comes straight from the heart.



Here is "Hongdae" the first single of Lukhash's new album:


You choose to allow your audience to download your albums for free, why?


I generally prefer keeping all of my music free for everyone. If people want to buy your record or reward your work, they will still do that by purchasing the album from digital stores or donation etc.
I think this also allows you to bring new listeners and reach wider audiences. Fans who appreciate your hard work will support you anyway, as at the end of the day they would like to see more coming in the future.
Moreover, I love to see people getting excited about my new releases, posting comments, creating some derivative work, and saying some of the songs inspired them. This personally gives me sense of reward and fulfilment in what I’m doing.


Do you sometimes collaborate with other people?


Unfortunately due to lack of spare time I didn’t do any collaboration for a while now, and recently any spare moment was mainly invested into recording of a new album. But I’m not saying I won’t collaborate with other artists in the future though!


Lukhash: "It comes straight from the heart"

Your album artwork is always amazing, where do the ideas come from?


While my albums are being put together, I usually ask my wife to put the headphones on, and listen to some of the songs. We then share our feelings and this is where the very initial ideas come from.  Then I usually go and speak to my friend Jolene from Singapore.
Jolene is the person who really takes all the credit for it. Based on some initial ideas she designed and created the full artwork to ‘Falling Apart’ as well as the upcoming new album ‘The Other Side’. Both were done from scratch entirely by her. It’s amazing to see how the initial idea is then being developed and turned into visuals which perfectly describe the mood of the entire album. Jolene is an amazing artist and you can check her other work here


And since it’s a tradition at Jamendo… Could you tell your fans a fun fact about you?


I can’t really think of anything on the spot, however there is a fun fact about 2 songs on upcoming album. The main theme of song no.8 “Hold Back” was accidently drafted by my 2 year old daughter who was handed a Gameboy running nanoloop sequencer, while she also provided vocals featured on track no.10 “8-bit Fairy Tale”. A little superstar in the making I guess!


Be prepared for July 10th!

Lukhash: "It comes straight from the heart"

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