Interview with Devyn Rose

Published on April 23 2013

Interview with Devyn Rose

We've chatted with NYC-based pop R&B artist Devyn Rose. She recently released a couple of singles on Jamendo, and has a new album on the way, to arrive on our platform on April 30.

We got to know her better: when it comes to her music, her career, and her hard work, she continues to prove to the world with every endeavor, that she’s destined to be a musical force to be reckoned with.

Interview with Devyn Rose

Jamendo: Could you tell us a little bit about your new release Want It All ?

Devyn Rose: My new EP Want It All sponsored by Hulkshare is the last installment to my free EP series PROJECT: I AM DEVYN ROSE. It is a 5 song EP which showcases who I am as an artist, what I am capable of, and my story.

One of you last singles was "Who Am I", then, "who are you"? What is your background?

I go by the name of Devyn Rose and I am a multi–genre musician from New York. I do everything from pop, hip hop, r&b, alternative, etc. I play instruments, dance jazz, and song write.

You sang in a church choir when you were young. Was it a valuable experience? Did you learn any instruments growing up?

Singing in the choir helped to bring out my voice so it definitely was a valuable experience for me. As for instruments, my dad always had a few different instruments laying around like an acoustic guitar, piano, harmonica, and an accordion, so I pretty much played around with each instrument and learned on my own. I won’t tie myself down to one instrument though; I just like to play which ever instrument is played in each record I release.

When did you first start thinking about becoming a singer/songwriter?
I knew I wanted to be a singer since I was a little girl. I would perform for my siblings and dream of one day being able to perform for fans on a huge stage. When it came to writing, I’ve always loved writing and English was my favorite subject in school because I loved writing essays. I started experimenting with poetry and as soon as I got my first ever instrumental, I took a stab at writing a full length song…after that, I became addicted to writing songs.

Could you tell more about your experience with modeling and jazz dance? What did you gain from it?
My modeling experience was fun, but I really did it to earn some extra money and to network since fashion and music go hand in hand. I was able to perform my music at a few fashion shows as well as walk in them. As for jazz, I always had a love for dramatic theatrical dance, it looks so beautiful and I love incorporating it in my shows!

Your fans used to know you under the name "Tanya T6". What made you change and why "Devyn Rose"?
For a long time, I held onto a name that I said I would change to once I get to a certain place in my career- a name that really defines who I am as an artist, and that name was Devyn Rose. Tanya T6 was my artist name on the come-up, I have grown so much since and now I am who I was destined to be. The name Devyn means Poet and as I mentioned earlier, I stared off writing poetry which then turned into songwriting. Here is what each letter means to me:
D- is for desirable
E- is for exclusive
V- is for victorious
Y- is for young
N- is for natural

Your music has already been streamed 175,000 times on Jamendo. How do you feel about that?

It feels super awesome to know that so many people have heard my music – I am beyond thankful for the love and support!

You released the #1 episode of "A day in the life of Devyn Rose" on February 4th. Do you have anymore episodes planned or any other similar projects?
Yes, I released episode #2 about a week ago and I plan on releasing those at least every other week – I love keeping my fans informed and entertained =). I am also working on releasing a full length documentary which will give my fans a look into my life and my music.

9. Who are the artists that currently inspire you ?
Some artist that inspire me include Bone Thugs n Harmony, Whitney Houston, Deniece Williams, Cyndi Lauper, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Miguel, among many others! There are too many to name !!

10. Where can fans connect with you and stay informed about future projects, etc?
Fans can connect with me via my official website Here are some more links!

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