Jamendo on iPhone

Published on June 21 2012

Jamendo on iPhone

The Jamendo application for iPhone and iPod Touch gives you free access to Jamendo's 20,000 albums published under Creative Commons licenses.


Listen at any time to the week's most popular albums, discover the latest releases and the best of Jamendo on our Top 50. Jamendo's five radio streams (Electro, Instrumental, Jazz, Lounge and Pop) are also directly accessible from any iPhone or iPod Touch. Logged-in members of Jamendo can also browse through their favorite albums and personal playlists. The application is available free of charge in English and French.


The application uses a Wifi signal or mobile phone network (Edge or 3G) to access Jamendo's music catalog. Please check the connection fees with your mobile service provider. We advise you to use an unlimited internet subscription to enjoy the application fully. In case of problem using the application, contact our support service at iphone at jamendo.com

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