Jill Zimmerman : "My songs get to live many lives of their own"

Published on August 8 2013

Jill Zimmerman : "My songs get to live many lives of their own"

The American pop-folk songwriter and performer Jill Zimmerman just released two albums “Earthbound” and “Souls to fuse” on Jamendo. She agreed to let fans know more about her in 5 questions.


1. Could you tell us a little about you?


“I am 24. I quit piano lessons when I was 8 and decided to play by ear from then on and to compose my own songs. I took up guitar as a teenager, briefly studied music in college and recorded my first album at the age of 18. I now play gigs about once a week as a solo performer and with a rock band called This Mad Future. What my fans don’t know about me is that I own a degree in TV Production and Film studies! So my next project might be a music video.”

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2. What about your songs?


“My songs reflect my strongest emotion and are influenced by life experiences, newspaper clippings, overheard conversations and fresh air. Sometimes, words I heard can be stuck in my head for days before I turn them into a song. At other times, entire songs come to me while driving to work or going for a jog. My albums are about relationships between lovers who become friends, a person and a higher power, and a present version of oneself and its future version being created.”


3. Do you have an anecdote to tell your fans about?


“Sometimes entire songs come to me while I am driving to work or going for a jog. The song "Yosemite" came to me while I was running on a trail in St. Paul, Minnesota. In the middle of that run I tripped and skinned my knees and hands on the tar. So now I have a scar to remember the day I wrote that song.”


4. Why did you choose to share your music for free on Jamendo?


“I think of my music as a way for me to reach out and let others get to know me. With that mindset, it only makes sense to share the songs for free. The added bonus of issuing the Creative Commons licenses is that I get to see how other people interpret my music and use it in their own art. My songs get to live many lives of their own all around the globe! What a thrill.”


5. Something to add?


“I am constantly reminded of how lucky I am to be able to do what I love, surrounded by people I love. I wish for everyone to have the same happiness.”


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Written by The Jamendo Team