Mirva : "Staying inspired is the key to life"

Published on May 20 2015

Mirva : "Staying inspired is the key to life"


Originally born in Sweden, Mirva now lives in Sydney. She recently released her second EP Get Ready on Jamendo. Her first EP One was critically acclaimed and ranked her #4 in the Australian Independent Music Awards (AIMAs) out of over 5,000 entries.


"I want to create feel-good, inspirational & serotonin-raising musical experiences”, she says. Under the Mirva umbrella, I strive to make music that is good for the soul with a positive approach aimed to inspire and spread happiness in our world."

One achieved tremendous success on Jamendo and Mirva returns with new songs that channel the same vibes that got her popular in the first place: happiness and energy.




  • Hi Mirva! It’s a great pleasure to have you on the Jamendo blog! We already know how awesome you are, but just introduce you to the entire community in a few words!


Hi there! I'm Mirva. I'm a singer/songwriter, an author and a holistic entrepreneur. I am passionate about making feel-good music and spreading happy vibes onto the music scene.



  • Your first EP on Jamendo was downloaded 18,000 times and listened more than 400,000 times, congrats! How do you feel about it, generating that much interest in your music?


Amazing! It's been great to generate so many new fans and such tremendous recognition. I'm so happy people are connecting with the songs and the message.



  • Did such exposure and success result in anything for you as an artist?


It's done many things. First of all, people have been using my music all over the internet for their video clips, podcasts etc which has been really heart warming. Seeing "I Am The Sun" on wedding videos or "This Is How We Stand" in a  beautiful nature clip for example really warms my heart. I have also been contacted by quite a few media outlets that are wanting to use my music in several ways which has been really cool. The most important thing though is that it has really given me the positive feedback I needed to get inspired to go on. All the amazing comments and reviews from the Jamendo community has been truly good for the soul so, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.


Mirva : "Staying inspired is the key to life"


  • Let’s talk about your brilliant new EP, Get Ready. What is the inspiration behind these new songs, musically and lyrically?


Get Ready really is a natural extension from the last EP "One" which was inspired by the idea of oneness and connecting to your inner self. Get Ready is about stepping out on life's stage and into your own, standing in your own power. It's about being proud and owning all that you are. As the lyrics of the feature song say: I'm ready now, so hold on, don't try and stop me."



  • Do you collaborate with other musicians, for writing and producing your songs?


I do co-write at times but not that much. I feel writing is a real personal thing for me. I quite enjoy sitting alone by the piano and let the music take me wherever it wants to. It's kind of like a meditation to me. When it comes to producing though, I always have someone working with me. On the last 2 EP:s I have been working With Braddon Williams which has been amazing. His expertise when it comes to executing my ideas is extremely valuable. We have lots of fun producing together.


Mirva : "Staying inspired is the key to life"


  • Could you share with us what an ordinary day in Mirva’s world looks like?


Well, it differs a bit as I like to stay creative but most days I start and end my days with a meditation. I have been doing that for years now so it's as natural as brushing my teeth. Meditating puts me in the right state of mind for the day. I also try and do some form of physical activity every day as I find it makes me feel great and I religiously watch or listen to something inspirational every day like a podcast or a youtube clip as I find it feeds my soul. I don't watch the news or surf TV channels really at all. I find time is too valuable to watch stuff that doesn't make me feel good.
I have a very flexible job that allows me to honour that in everything I do so I feel very blessed. I can't write songs and promote positive change unless I am at a positive place from the inside out myself so making choices that supports that every day is priority number one for me.



  • What are your future projects?


Well, at the moment I am incorporating some more juice into what I am already doing and promoting. I am a HUGE believer in Positive Psychology and helping people connect to their greatness and creativity from within so I am doing a few workshops around connecting to your creativity this year. I have also just created a session for a new App called MindPT which is really exciting! MindPT is a personal trainer for the mind in the form of an APP and my session, called Mad About Life, is created to help people connect to their inner fire and creativity. MindPT is in my opinion the BEST new self-development tool on the market out there and I am so excited to be part of it. After that, I'm sure a new EP will be on the cards, music is never too far away. As I've said many times, writing a song is like finding a friend that knows exactly what you need to hear, and who wouldn't want more of that in their lives!


Mirva : "Staying inspired is the key to life"
Mirva : "Staying inspired is the key to life"

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