Superdirt² - When Cello meets Electro

Published on September 24 2013

Superdirt² - When Cello meets Electro


Superdirt² is project mixing the classical sounds of a cello with the modernity of electro beats to produce unique dubstep and dnb-inspired tracks. Their compositions are highly innovative, with deep dramatic sounds mixed with lighter instruments. The technicality of the cello and the never-ending pattern of the loops create an extraordinary fluidity in the outcome. 

Sound engineer, music producer and multi-instrumentalist, Vincent (aka Ras Tilo) comes from the Reggae / Dub scene from which he brings the roots through futuristic melodies and sound effects. Violinist before becoming who he is now, Ras Tilo always loved strings instruments and was influenced by Dub groups and producers like High Tone, Improvisators Dub, or La Phaze (Dnb touch).

Pursuing classical cello studies, Daniel (aka Käpt'n Dirt) was both influenced by Bach and non-classical bands such as Korn, Guts Pie Earshot (cello and drums), Super 700, Sepultura or Deftones.



So “How did they meet?”, you’d ask. Well, their story is pretty atypical: Vincent and Daniel, flatmates, started the band two years ago at a party during which they were asked to mix both their musical universes. They experienced success straight away: They got a lot of bookings and had a lot of gigs opportunities, from small parties to big festival. The band starts by creating the beats, then fill them up with cello sounds. 

Ten years ago, Vincent (Ras Tilo) heard about GNU/Linux and Open Source software and loved their philosophy : “I really like the idea that you can easily create something new from old stuff because I think everything new we create is always based on other influences. The less fences, the more we create in a positive and constructive way! That’s exactly what I found in the Creative Commons licenses, and that’s why we released our music on Jamendo”.


Superdirt² - When Cello meets Electro


Daniel, the cellist (aka Käpt'n Dirt) : Sometimes, I play concerts in baroque costumes and headdress. Proof here : here

Vincent (aka Ras Tilo)  : We knew each other but never throught of making music together. At a party/gig, we decided to mix cello sounds with electro beats. Suddenly, everybody started dancing (the venue was full!) and a lot of people came to us asking for our names and where they could buy our CDs ! We told them “Heee, there is Käpt’n Dirt with some groovy electro stuff but we still have no name…wait, maybe we are…. Superdirt²!". One week later, we had 2 new planned gigs and a lot of requests. We decided to go on with the project !


Superdirt² - When Cello meets Electro



  • They will be on tour in Germany for their CD-Lauch ( and in New Zealand for 15 gigs (from Mid-January to Mid-March 2014). 



  • They will release their first full-length album with 9 tracks on October 26th 2013 (at The White Rabbit Club in Freiburg, Germany). The album, under Creative Commons licenses, was a DIY project since the band produced it by themselves in their own studios ( in Freiburg, Germany.



Superdirt² - When Cello meets Electro


Legally download their EP "Direct Box" for free on Jamendo !

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