ZOE.LEELA - "I can do whatever I want artistically"

Published on August 29 2013

Photos : Tompigs.com

Photos : Tompigs.com

1. Could you describe in few lines who you are, your style of music and your influences?


I am ZOE.LEELA and I am from Berlin. I think my music is a very powerful sort of popmusic. The best way to feel it out, i guess is to listen to my work and get a glue what ZOE.LEELA is. Any sort of vibration in life is my influence and is reflected in my music.

2. When did you start becoming the Zoe.Leela you are now ?

I made my debut  on our street corner when I was 8. I decided to help a street musician by dancing in front of him. It worked pretty well until my father bumped into us on one day. Well, obviously he was not very amused and without having any clue of what’s wrong in dancing for an audience, I had to quit. Lesson learned. Years later, when I became Zoe.Leela, I knew right from the start that I can do whatever I want artistically, as long as no one is ever going to see me on the street corner begging for money. 

3. Your new album “Digital Guilt”, in which you question the world we live in, was recently released on Jamendo, how did you come up with this album?

“Digital Guilt” is pretty much an exploration of contrast, both musically and politically. It inspires me to change the rules, to play politics, to play with different styles, words, sounds, moods, vibes. That’s why the album goes from clash to purple to crunk/hyphy to dubstep to trip-hop to glitch to r&b to midtempo fun. The beats help create a catalyst for the message of this album: Alignment and self empowerment.

4. If you had to choose one quote to describe who you are as an artist and what motivates you everyday, what would it be?

I am a joyful being who loves co-creation and the stimulation of mind.

Photos : Tompigs.com

5. While performing in public, what do you enjoy the most in a performance and why ?

I love being focused. I love when the idea just flows through me, when it is revealing itself to me and to the audience; the moment of connection, of flow.

6. You chose to share your music for free under Creative Commons licenses on Jamendo. Why did you make this decision?

I am responsible for my own happiness. The public is inflaming my desire, but I am the only piece that could ever be missing. In other words, I love to share my music, it makes me happy. 

7. And since it’s a tradition at Jamendo : Is there a fun fact about you that your fans don’t know and would be surprised to hear about?

I am addicted to nail polish. I change the colour nearly every day and I guess, for the last 10 years, no one has ever seen me without.

Written by The Jamendo Team

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